News 2018

01-02-2018 Martin Becerra,a master student from Universidad de Chile, joins the group for a 3 months stage
Elisabetta won the competition for a post-doc position at the Department of Chemistry
at the University of Milan. Congratulations!

22-01-2018 Literature seminars: Elisabetta Massolo
15-01-2018 Literature seminars: Manuel Orlandi
14-01-2018 A new publication of the group:
A continuous flow, two-steps, metal-free process for the synthesis of differently substituted chiral 1,2-diamino derivatives
M. Pirola, M. Benaglia, M. E. Compostella, L. Raimondi, A. Puglisi Synthesis, 2018, accepted
08-01-2018 Elisabetta Massolo is back after a two years postdoctoral leave in the group of Jeff Johnson (University of North Carolina, USA).
Elisabetta joins the group as Visiting scientist. Welcome back!
Maurizio Benaglia and Sergio Rossi are members of the Organizing Committee of the National Meeting of the Organic
Chemistry Division Italian Chemical Society, Milano, 8-13 September 2018 (CDCO2018)Take a look on the web site!