News 2013

20-12-2013: Christmas party
19-12-2013: room G10 Settore didattico - Bachelor degree defense: Salvatore and Alessandro Lavagna
18-12-2013: room C03 Agraria - Master degree defense: Alessandro Di Iorio, Emanuele, Marco Ziliani and Stefano.
16-12-2013: 9.30-11.30 Bachelor degree presentations: Salvatore and Alessandro Lavagna, Master degree presentations: Alessandro Di Iorio,
Emanuele and Marco Ziliani
13-12-2013: Final Ph.D presentation of Andrea
11-12-2013: Computational Group Meeting with Manuel and Dr. Michele Ceotto
02-12-2013: XXVIII Convegno: Nuovi orientamenti nella sintesi organica - Riccardo Porta receives GIC award [Link]
01-12-2013: Happy Birthday Benagliagroup website !! Do you wanna a piece of cake? [Link]

29-11-2013: Group Meeting with Alessandra, Francesca, Riccardo, Stefano, Alessandro Franchi.
08-11-2013: Two new publications of the group:
Synthesis and catalytic activity of fluorous chiral primary amine-thioureas
(Orlandi, S.; Pozzi, G.; Ghisetti, M., Benaglia M., New J. Chem., 2013, DOI: 10.1039/C3NJ00807J ) and
Chiral hybrid inorganic-organic materials: synthesis, characterization and application in stereoselective organocatalytic cycloadditions
(Puglisi, A.; Benaglia, M.; Annunziata, R., Chiroli, V.; Porta, R., Gervasini A., J. Org. Chem., 2013, DOI: 10.1021/jo401852v )
07-11-2013: 15.00 room: 204. PhD 1st year defence: Elisabetta Massolo
06-11-2013: 16.00 room: 302. PhD 1st year defence: Manuel Orlandi
05-11-2013: 10.30-17.00 Meet us at the "Giornata di orientamento tesi e tirocini" room: 201 - Settore Didattico.

28-10-2013: Group Meeting with Elisabetta, Alessandro di Iorio, Emanuele and Davide P.
18-10-2013: Mauro will leave the group. He has a job! Congratulations!!
14-10-2013: Bachelor degree defense: Filippo
11-10-2013: Bachelor degree presentation: Filippo
02-10-2013: Master degree defense: Alessio!
Gabriele Dalla Torre joins the group!
01-10-2013: Valerio will leave the group. He has a job! Congratulations!!
Master degree defense: Elena and Alessandro Pozzi!
Martina Pandini, Giorgia Zanchin, Gabriele Ferretti, Annalisa Sassetti and Giacomo Colombo join the group!

27-09-2013: Group Meeting with Sergio, Manuel, Marco Z., Marco M., Luca and Salvatore
Master degree presentation: Elena and Alessandro Pozzi.
New group picture! [Link]
25-09-2013: A new publication of the group: Magnetic Nanoparticles Conjugated To Chiral Imidazolidinone As Recoverable Catalyst
(S. Mondini, A. Puglisi, M. Benaglia, D. Ramella, C. Drago, A. M. Ferretti, A. Ponti, Journal of Nanoparticles Research , 2013, accepted)
02-09-2013: Davide Brenna, Davide Parravicini and Salvatore Tomaselli join the group!
01-09-2013: Alessandro Pirovano will leave the group. He has a job! Congratulations!!

01-08-2013: Mauro Ghisetti won a 6-months post-laurea grant. Congrat!

22-07-2013: 9.00 am, room CO3: Master degree defense: Riccardo
19-07-2013: Master degree defense: Fausto
18-07-2013: Master degree presentation: Riccardo
15-07-2013: Master degree presentation: Fausto
11-07-2013: A new publication of the group: Stereoselective metal-free catalytic synthesis of chiral trifluoromethyl aryl and alkyl amines
(Genoni A., Benaglia M., Massolo E., Rossi S. Chem comm, 2013, doi: 10.1039/C3CC43821J)
05-07-2013: Sergio was qualified and selected in a global competition among 600 young scientists worldwide to participate
at the “63rd -Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting” Congratulations!

28-06-2013: A new publication of the group: Continuous-Flow Stereoselective Organocatalyzed Diels–Alder Reactions in a Chiral Catalytic “Homemade”
HPLC Column (Chiroli V., Benaglia M., Cozzi F., Puglisi A., Annunziata R., Celentano G., Org Lett, 2013, doi: 10.1021/ol401390z)
24-06-2013: Group Meeting with Valerio, Riccardo, Alessandro Pirovano, Alessandro Pozzi, Stefano and Alessio
12-06-2013: Matteo Tironi and Dylan Viscardi (students from ITIS NATTA) joined us for 1 month stage!
08-06-2013: Martina leaves the group and flight in USA. She just got married! ❤ ❤ ❤ Congratulations ❤ ❤ ❤
03-06-2013: Luca Turati join the group!
01-06-2013: "Merenda" at Benaglia's home! You wanna see some pictures?!? [Link]

31-05-2013: Group Meeting with Andrea, Elisabetta, Alessandro di Iorio, Alessandro Lavagna, Emanuele and Elena
29-05-2013: A new publication of the group: Easily available, low cost 19F MRI agents: Poly(ethylene-glycol)-functionalized fluorinated ethers
(Biaggi, C., Benaglia, M., Ortenzi, M., Micotti, E., Perego, C., De Simoni, M.G. Journal of Fluorine chemistry, 2013, accepted)
23-05-2013: Dr. Francesca Coccia (Ph.D. at Universita' di Chieti) won a post-doc position to work on the development of chiral catalytic microreactors.
She will start on June 1. Welcome to the group!
22-05-2013: Two new publications of the group has been just accepted:
Stereoselective organic reactions promoted by immobilized chiral catalysts in continuous flow systems (review)
(Puglisi, A.; Benaglia, M.; Chiroli, V. Green Chem., 2013, DOI: 10.1039/c3gc40195b) and
Enantiomerically Pure Bithiophene Diphosphine Oxides as Catalysts for Direct Double Aldol Reactions
(Genoni, A.; Benaglia, M.; Rossi, S., Celentano G. Chirality, 2013, accepted)
03-05-2013: Group Meeting with Sergio, Marco M., Marco Z., Manuel and Filippo

24-04-2013: Valerio Chiroli won a new 12 months post-doc position. Congrat!
11-04-2013: Group Meeting with Valerio, Mauro, Riccardo, Alessandro Pozzi and Alessio
04-04-2013: Two new publications for the group!:
Enantioselective reduction of ketoimines promoted by easily available (S)-proline derivatives Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 2013 , 9 , 633-640
(M. Bonsignore, M. Benaglia, L. Raimondi, M. Orlandi, G. Celentano) and
2-Aminoimidazolyl and 2-Aminopyridyl (S)-Prolinamides as Versatile Multifunctional Organic Catalysts for Aldol, Michael, and Diels-Alder
Reactions. Eur. J. Org. Chem., 2013, 12, 2346-2354. (M. Orlandi, M. Benaglia, L. Raimondi, G. Celentano)
03-04-2013: Alessandro Marco Pirovano won a 6-months post-laurea grant. Congrat!

05-03-2013: 14.30-17.00 Meet us at the "Giornata di orientamento tesi e tirocini" room: sala studio Settore Didattico. Our Poster section is B1-B8 !
01-03-2013: Alessandro Lavagna, Alessandro Franchi and Filippo Tosi join the group!

28-02-2013: Department of Chemistry Meeting; 9.00-16.30 Via Valvassori Peroni 21
26-02-2013: 14.30 Laurea Alessandro Pirovano; room: C03; VIa Colombo
22-02-2013: GroupMeeting with Elisabetta, Elena, Andrea, Emanuele
11-02-2013: Ivan Pellegrinelli and Simone Beshai (students from 5B - ITIS NATTA) joined us for 1 month stage!
04-02-2013: Mauro Ghisetti won a 6-months post-laurea grant. Congrat!
01-02-2013: Follow as on corrieretv.it [Link]

24-01-2013: GroupMeeting with Sergio, Manuel, Fausto, and Marco M.
11-01-2013: Ph.D defense of Martina