The Electroanalytical Chemistry Group is devoted to the development, the characterization and application of chemical analytical methods particularly based on electrochemical phenomena and to the comprehension of the kinetics and mechanism of electrode processes with special attention to the important roles of the electrode material and the solvent media. The main scope of the Group is the development of new electroanalytical methodologies (particularly those based on voltammetric pulsed and stripping techniques) and new electrode materials (modified electrode and composites, ink-jet printed and screen-printed electrodes) to be used in laboratory or on-site, for different applications in the fields of sensors, the environmental analysis and of the quality control of different products (water, foodstuff, drugs, ...).

In this context, the group is continually producing new electroanalytical sensors based on electrodes modified with nanostructured materials (carbon nanotubes, graphene, metal or oxide nanoparticles) and/or conducting or non-conducting polymers, in order to improve their performances (limits of detection and quantification, sensibility, accuracy, precision) or to detect completely new analytes, such as compounds of emerging concern. In particular, in the environmental field, the Group is focusing its attention on the study of different processes of wastewaters remediation from selected organic (furan, benzidine, toluidine, tolidine, ...) and inorganic (arsenic, chrome, ...) compounds also at trace levels.

Due to the strong interdisciplinary nature of the research topics and of the know-how acquired in the field of the analytical and physico-chemical characterization of materials, the Group collaborates with other Research Groups inside and outside the Chemistry Department of the Università degli Studi di Milano and with different industrial companies in order to solve different analytical problems, particularly using electrochemical techniques.


The Group is located by the Department of Chemistry

Via Golgi 19, 20133 MILANO, ITALY    

Building 5 (Blue), Block A, III floor, Room 3114-O

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Telephone: +39 02 503 14057 (Office) / +39 02 503 14222-210 (Laboratory)   

FAX:  +39 02 503 14300