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Corso di laurea in Biotechnology for the bioeconomy

Presidente del corso di laurea: Prof.ssa Sara Borin
Dipartimento di Scienze per gli alimenti, la nutrizione e l'ambiente
Telefono: 02 50319118
e-mail: sara.borin@unimi.it
Docenti di riferimento: Prof. Francesco Molinari, Prof.Fabrizio Adani, Prof.Carlo Pozzi, Prof.Alessio Scarafoni
Collegio Didattico: elenco dei membri

Classe di appartenenza: LM-7 (Biotecnologie agrarie)
Accesso: libero, previa verifica dei requisiti curriculari
Durata: 2 anni (120 crediti)
Frequenza: consigliata
Tassa d'iscrizione: informazioni sul sito d'Ateneo

Presentazione del corso di laurea

Bioeconomy responds to the environmental challenges the world is facing, oriented to reduce the dependence on natural resources, transform manufacturing, promote sustainable production of renewable plant, microbial and animal resources and their conversion into food, feed, materials, bio-based products and bio-energy, while growing new jobs and industries. Biotechnology is one of the key enabling technology to sustain a new green and sustainable economy (i.e. bioeconomy), offering solutions for i) an efficient and sustainable production of plant and microbial biomasses; ii) production of bioenergy from (waste) biomasses; environmental protection and safety in terms of bioremediation; iii) green chemistry processes and applications; iv) sustainable agrofood production and processes.

In this context, the BforB Master degree aims at providing students with advanced molecular and cellular background of microbial and plant systems, which are the basis for the several sectors of the biotechnologies applied to the bioeconomy. The BforB Master degree will equip students with a solid and broad expertise about the structure and function of biological macromolecules of interest for the bioeconomy sector. In addition, the BforB Master degree will provide theoretical and practical instruments for the set up, analyses and improvement of biotechnological processes for the transformation of renewable raw materials in biotechnological processes exploiting microorganisms, plant systems and enzymes.

The BforB Master degree will be taught entirely in English, providing the students with knowledge and competences that can be spent at European and extra European level, at which the bioeconomy sector is faced. Moreover, the English language will allow the participation of students from out of Italy, making the Master degree a stimulant learning environment.

Requisiti di accesso

Students with an Italian University degree: The BforB Master degree can be accessed by graduates of Laurea Triennale belonging to the L-2 class (Biotecnologia) and previous class I (Biotecnologia). It can also be accessed by any student with a Laurea Triennale providing a strong background (at least 60 University credits, CFU) in biotechnology-related subjects, i.e. subject identified as “core disciplines” for the L-2 class of Laurea Triennale.

Students with a degree from non-Italian institution: the candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or University, and strong knowledge in some (or all) of the following areas: molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, plant cell biology, biochemistry, chemistry.

All students must have a good knowledge of spoken and written English: a B2 level certification (vantage or upper intermediate, as defined by the Common European Framework of reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment; recognised certifications: http://www.unimi.it/cataloghi/slam/CertificazioniENG_Apr2018.pdf) or, in alternative, an equivalent result in the Placement test offered by the University of Milan must be obtained prior enrolment and it is required to attend the exam sessions. Students that will not provide a valid certification at the enrolment application will be contacted by the course secretariat to sustain the English placement test. The placement test for students that will apply within September 15th, 2018, will take place on September 26th, 2018. Who will be contacted and will not attend the test will not have any other possibility to obtain the English certification by the University of Milan.

The English language certification has to be provided within the admission procedure. Students asking for admission to the course have to send it to the student secretariat “Segreteria Studenti” not later than December 31st, together with the bachelor’s degree certification.

Manifesto degli studi (versione in pdf)
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  Biotechnology for the Bioeconomy
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  Biotecnologie vegetali, alimentari e agroambientali
  Environmental and Food Economics
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