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The Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences of Milan

The Faculty of Agriculture has built up an excellent reputation for its twin traditions of skills and quality inherited from the old School of Agriculture established in Milan in 1871. At the core of the Faculty's activities are its objectives to develop sustainable agricultural systems for producing food and non-food products, to protect the environment, to optimize transformation processes and quality/safety control in the food chain, as well as to manage the technical and business aspects of agri-businesses.
The Faculty is the largest of its type in Italy, with a teaching staff of 200, including professors and researchers working in five Departments and four Institutes. In addition, more than 200 PhD students and post-doctoral scholars complement some 3,000 students enrolled in nine undergraduate and seven Master's degree programmes.
The Faculty's degree programmes focus on Modern Agriculture, Environmental Protection and Management, Food Production Systems and Biotechnology.
The Faculty also collaborates with the Faculty of Pharmacy to offer an undergraduate degree course in Herbal Sciences and Technology.
In addition, the Faculty participates in five graduate schools (doctoral schools) and organizes various Master's programmes every year.
The depth of knowledge embodied in the Faculty is reflected in the diversity of its fields of activities. These include Agricultural Systems, Genetics, Physiology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Computer Sciences, Economics, Food Science, and Engineering.
To facilitate its research and teaching activities, the Faculty of Agriculture has a variety of technical facilities, including glasshouses, plant nurseries, stables, and farms, as well as innovative scientific instruments and modern, well-equipped analytical laboratories. These facilities play an important role in attracting external funding from public and private sources both nationally and internationally.
Located near the center of Milan, the Faculty of Agriculture provides an attractive and stimulating setting in which to both study and work.

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