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Quantum Probes featured in Quantum Science and Technology

Matteo’s paper “Probing the diamagnetic term in light-matter interaction”, published this year in Quantum Science and Technology, has been selected as one of ten articles to be featured in a highlights collection promoting the journal’s first year of publication.

The paper, written in collaboration with Tommaso Tufarelli and Gerardo Adesso from the University of Nottingham and fostered by an Erasmus placement visit of Matteo, addresses the quantum estimation of the diamagnetic term in light–matter interaction.

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Alberto Porzio visiting AQM on April 26

Alberto Porzio from the SPIN institute of CNR (Napoli) will be visiting us on Wed 26 April, 2017.

Alberto will deliver a seminar at 12:30 room A5/S2, LITA Building

Encoding and Direct Detection of Continuous Variable Entanglement in the Orbital Angular Momentum Space

CV entangled beams carrying OAM are successfully generated by converting entangled polarization modes into vortex beams. Entanglement is detected by homodyning in the OAM space with the homodyne local oscillator switching between different OAM states.

That’s the story – The last original voice from the Manhattan project

The AQM  and Quantum Technology Lab of Università degli Studi di Milano are proud to present the projection of the documentary That’s the story – The last original voice from the Manhattan project, an interview to Roy Glauber, Nobel Prize in 2005 and last surviving member of the theory division of the Manhattan Project.

The projection (in English, 52 min, Italian subtitles) will take place on March 22, 2017, at 14:30 at the Auditorium “Mario Attilio Levi”, via Valvassori Peroni, 21 (Milano).

The executive producer, Prof. Josè I. Latorre, will introduce the documentary.