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Published papers

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Simone Cialdi, Matteo A. C. Rossi, Claudia Benedetti, Bassano Vacchini, Dario Tamascelli, Stefano Olivares, Matteo G. A. Paris

All-optical quantum simulator of qubit noisy channels (Journal Article)

Appl. Phys. Lett. 110, 081107, (2017).

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Microscopic description for the emergence of collective dissipation in extended quantum systems (Journal Article)

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Characterization of qubit chains by Feynman probes (Journal Article)

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Collective effects in the radiation pressure force (Journal Article)

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Proc. SPIE 99800, 99800F, (2016).

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Francesco Albarelli, Tommaso Guaita, Matteo G. A. Paris

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Matteo A. C. Rossi, Tommaso Giani, Matteo G. A. Paris

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Phys. Rev. A 93, 042119, (2016).

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Simone Cialdi, Carmen Porto, Daniele Cipriani, Stefano Olivares, Matteo GA Paris

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Matteo AC Rossi, Matteo GA Paris

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J. Chem. Phys. 144, 024113, (2016).

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Matteo G. A. Paris

Achieving the Landau bound to precision of quantum thermometry in systems with vanishing gap (Journal Article)

J. Phys. A 49(3), 03LT02, (2016).

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Adriano A. Berni, Tobias Gehring, Bo M. Nielsen, Vitus Händchen, Matteo GA Paris, Ulrik L. Andersen

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Nature Photonics 9, 577–581, (2015).

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Matteo AC Rossi, Matteo GA Paris

Entangled quantum probes for dynamical environmental noise (Journal Article)

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Single- and two-mode quantumness at a beam splitter (Journal Article)

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Noisy quantum phase communication channels (Journal Article)

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Alessia Allevi, Matteo Bina, Maria Bondani, Stefano Olivares

Real-time phase-reference monitoring of a quasi-optimal coherent-state receiver (Journal Article)

Proc. SPIE 9505, (2015).

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Jacopo Trapani, Matteo Bina, Sabrina Maniscalco, Matteo GA Paris

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Simone Cialdi, Matteo G. A. Paris

The data aggregation problem in quantum hypothesis testing (Journal Article)

Eur. Phys. J. D 69, 7, (2015).

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Berihu Teklu, Alessandro Ferraro, Mauro Paternostro, Matteo GA Paris

Nonlinearity and nonclassicality in a nanomechanical resonator (Journal Article)

EPJ - Quantum Tech. 2, 16, (2015).

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Marina Mondin, Fred Daneshgaran, Inam Bari, Maria Teresa Delgado, Stefano Olivares, Matteo GA Paris

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IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 21(3), 1–7, (2015).

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Marco G Genoni, Matteo Bina, Stefano Olivares, Gabriele De Chiara, Mauro Paternostro

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N. Pacifico et al (AEGIS collaborations)

Investigation of silicon sensors for their use as antiproton annihilation detectors (Journal Article)

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S Aghion et al (AEGIS Collaboration)

Detection of low energy antiproton annihilations in a segmented silicon detector (Journal Article)

J. Inst. 9(06), P06020–P06020, (2014).

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