Actual Position


CNR Researcher at Institute of Biophysics - National Research Council (IBF-CNR), Milano (Italy).


Main activities: Protein expression and purification, chemical-physical characterization, 3D structural analysis, structure-based drug discovery.


Project: Structural analysis and development of inhibitors versus human proteins involved in the regulation of the NF-kB pathway. AIRC-MFAG 2016-2019. Grant nr: 17083


Education and Training


January 2009 - January 2012 PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the Protein Biochemistry unit, lab of Structural Biology - University of Milan (Italy).


Thesis Title: Structural Insights into Inhibitor of Apoptosis Proteins Recognition by Pro-Apoptotic Compounds.


September 2003 - July 2007 Master Degree in Biotechnology: Functional genomics and Bioinformatics 110/110 cum laude.


Research Experience


June 2014 Collaborator at Consortium Milano Ricerche - via Leopoldo Cicognara, 7 20129 - Milan;

Project: HCN1 channel block by ivabradine: homology modelling of the channel pore.


October-November 2013   Collaborator at Humanitas Mirasole Hospital - via Manzoni, 56 - I-20089 Milan

Project: Expression, Purification and Structure of CaVb2 mutant.


March 2012-August 2013 Post-Doc at the Dept. of Biosciences - Structural Biology Unit, University of Milan via Celoria, 26 - I-20133 Milan

Project NEPENTE supported by Regione Lombardia: Network lombardo di eccellenza PEr lo sviluppo di farmaci di origine Naturale diretti alla modulazione del microambiente tissutale per la prevenzione e Terapia dei tumori e delle malattie neurodegenerative.


October 2007 - September 2008 Fellow at the Structural Biology Unit, Dept. of Biosciences - University of Milan via Celoria, 26 - I-20133 Milan

Project 'Dote ricercatore' supported by Regione Lombardia-Prodest: Characterization of Pro-apoptotic compounds versus XIAP (X-linked Inhibitor of Apoptosis Protein) and study of molecular recognition through protein crystallography and virtual docking.


Award and Patent


1) SILS/Bruker for the best PhD thesis in the Biomedical Field (edition 2013)


2) Seneci PF, Belvisi L, Cossu F, Delia D, Drago C, Lecis D, Maiorana S, Manzoni LP, Mastrangelo E, Milani de Mayo de Mari M, Perego P, Vasile F. New homo- and heterodimeric SMAC mimetic compounds as apoptosis inducers. Application number: PCT/IB2012/000297, Pub number: WO2013124701 A2.




Total number of publications: 13; h-index: 7





Other activities


Tutoring of several master degree students, teaching and assistance to exams for the biochemistry courses (BIO/10) at the University of Milan - via Celoria, 26 - I20133 Milan


Scientific books translations from English to Italian.





Federica Cossu, PhD


CNR Researcher

Phone: +39 02 50314896


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