Students are welcome!

Welcome and thank you for your interest in spending your internships in our lab. Feel free to contact us for further information.

A very special THANKS to all the students who worked hard to complete their internship in our lab.

Past and present students:

VALERIA MOTTA: Graduated in 2007 (Medical Biotechnology)
GAIA ANELLI: Graduated in 2008 (Medical Biotechnology)
ALICE SAVARESE: Graduated in 2009 (Medical Biotechnology)
VERONICA BEGNI: Graduated in 2011 (Medical Biotechnology)
SILVIA SIRONI: Graduated in 2011 (Medical Biotechnology)
EDOARDO MIGLIORI: Graduated in 2011 (Medical Biotechnology)
FRANCESCA PISCHEDDA: Graduated in 2010 (Medical Biotechnology)
CLAUDIA IERNA: Graduated in 2010 (Medical Biotechnology)
LAURA FUSCO: Graduated in 2010 (Medical Biotechnology)
LETIZIA TREVISI: Graduated in 2010 (Biostatistics)
LAURA PERGOLI: Graduated in 2011 (Biology), now Post-doc in the Lab
DIANA ROTASPERTI: Graduated in 2012 (Biology)
ALICE MORONI: Graduated in 2012 (Medical Biotechnology)
ALICE SCOTTI: Graduated in 2013 (Medical Biotechnology)
STEFANO BESI : Graduated in 2013 (Medical Biotechnology)
STEFANO MECCA: Graduated in 2013 (Medical Biotechnology)
LOTTE GRAVENDONK: Visiting student in 2014 from Belgium
MARILENA LETIZIA: Graduated in 2014 (Medical Biotechnology)
JULIE SCHENK: Visiting student in 2015 from Belgium
BEATRICE BIANCHI: Graduated in 2015 (Medical Biotechnology)
LUCIA BROGGI: Graduated in 2015 (Medical Biotechnology)
KRISTOF NEVEN: Visiting student in 2016 from Belgium
MICHELE QUARONI: Graduated in 2016 (Medical Biotechnology)
MATTEO MAROZZI: Graduated in 2016 (Medical Biotechnology)
FRANCESCA CLERICI: Graduated in 2016 (Medical Biotechnology)
MARTINA CAPANNINI: Graduated in 2016 (Medical Biotechnology)
TERESA BREVINI: Graduated in 2016 (Medical Biotechnology)
BENEDETTA DE PONTE CONTI: Graduated in 2016 (Medical Biotechnology)
THOMAS RATTI: Graduated in 2016 (Medical Biotechnology)
ROBERTA SCRIMIERI: Graduated in 2016 (Medical Biotechnology)
GIULIA FRAZZEI: Graduated in 2016 (Medical Biotechnology)
ROSANNA CAPUTO: Visiting student in 2017 from The Netherlands.
TIAGO NARDI: Graduated in 2017 (Medical Biotechnology)
CECILIA ANCESCHI: Graduated in 2017 (Medical Biotechnology)
FEDERICO BALLABIO: Graduated in 2017 (Medical Biotechnology)
SEBASTIANO ALBERGANTI: Graduated in 2017 (Medical Biotechnology)
FILIPPO BIANCHINI: Graduated in 2017 (Medical Biotechnology)
GIULIA PASSIGNANI: Graduated in 2017 (Medical Biotechnology)
FRANCESCO PAROLIN: Graduated in 2018  (Medical Biotechnology)
RITA EL KHOURY: Graduated in 2018 (Medical Biotechnlogy)
FRANCESCA SACCHI: Graduated in 2018 (Medical Biotechnlogy)
FABIOLA KLEEMANN: Graduated in 2018 (Medical Biotechnlogy)
MICHELA D'AMBROSIO: Graduated in 2019  (Medical Biotechnology)
INGEBORG PECQUEUR: Visiting student in 2019 from Belgium
ILSE DE SMIT: Visiting student in 2019 from The Netherlands.
GAIA BIANCHI: Ongoing internship
MARTINA TOSI: Ongoing internship