Polymers. PCT Int. Appl. (2008), Application: WO 2007-GB50544 20070914.
Garnett, M.; Ferruti, P.; Ranucci, E. (The University of Nottingham, UK; The University of Milan).

Polyamidoamines (PAAs) are well known polymers and have been proposed for a number of medical applications, among which as carriers for DNA delivery. In fact, many PAAs form stable complexes with DNA. It would be an advantage for DNA complexes to be reversibly cross-linked to improve stability in vivo and in marine environments.
A simple method has been devised for producing reversibly cross-linked PAAs and PAA-PEG copolymers as hydrogels. The two groups involved in this patent application have devised a modification to this method which would be applicable for reversibly cross-linking PEG-PAA copolymers in order to improve the polymer for DNA encapsulation. These polymer systems are the object of this patent application.
DNA delivery by means of reversibly self-assembling polymer nanoparticles.

Hyperbranched polymers based on cyclodextrins and poly(amidoamine)s for the controlled release of insoluble drugs. MI2007A1173
Ferruti, P.; Ranucci, E.; Trotta, F.; Cavalli, R. (UniversitÓ di Milano)

Hyperbranched biocompatible and biodegradabile polymers with hybrid cyclodextrin-polyamidoamine structure are prepared by stepwise polyaddition of α-, β- and γ-cyclodextrins and amines to bisacrylamides.
These polymers act as solubilizers for many insolubile drugs, including anticancer drugs as paclitaxel, docetaxel and camptothecin, and antiviral drugs as acyclovir, maintaining or enhancing their biological performances.

Biocompatible polymers from bisacrylamides and aminoacids. Italian Patent Application TO2007A000415.
Cavalli, R.; Trotta, M.; Ferruti, P.; Ranucci E. (UniversitÓ di Torino)

Preparation of polymers and copolymers obtained by stepwise polyaddition of peptides carrying at least a thiol group and/or a primary amine group with an electron-attracting group and a group different from hydrogen on the carbon in α-position.
These polymers can be used as carriers of bioactive principles with recognition ability towards specific organic structures, or as biomimetic active substances, or as the active part of biosensors.