Three books on Dickens and Italy have recently come out that testify to the growing interest for Dickens and Italy. The first one, The Victorians and Italy: Literature, Travel, Politics and Art, edited by Alessandro Vescovi, Luisa Villa and Paul Vita, published by Polimetrica in 2009 does not deal solely with Dickens, but attempts at painting the broad picture of the Victorians in Italy, not excluding a number of papers on Dickens himself.

The second book is called Dickens and Italy: Little Dorrit and Pictures from Italy, edited by Michael Hollington and Francesca Orestano and published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in 2010.

The third collection, edited by Catherine Waters, Michael Hollington and John Jordan, is called  Imagining Italy: Victorian Writers and Travellers, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in 2011.

Victorians and ItalyDickens and Italy

DickensSigns2012 New collection of essays Dickens's Signs, Readers' Designs: New Bearings in Dickens Criticism, edited by Francesca Orestano and Norbert Lennartz, Foreword by Michael Hollington. Aracne Editrice, 2012.

The eternal life of things, knowledge theory, post-colonial avatars, visual studies, heroines like sexy viragos or un-angelic angels in the house, essays that scan Dickens’s work from the perspective of medical history, animal and poverty studies, flânerie, queer studies, celebration studies, post-Victorian children’s literature and toy studies: these are some of the topics addressed in this book. It is aimed at students and teachers, fans, scholars, cinema goers, critics, and all Dickens lovers, and invites discussion from all of the manifold perspectives at large today.

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