Carlo Dickens aims at publishing essays both as html pages and as PDF files, depending on the nature of the contribution itself. A paper with several hypertextual links, especially if not long in size, or containing clips and sounds, will be published in html format, whereas a paper with a long text and no links will be published as an Acrobat file (PDF), which is not automatically manipulated by the reader's computer and whose copies are therefore identical all over the net. This allows scholars to cite precisely the number of the page when quoting from an article.

Although we do have a policy for text format, PDF files may not follow it if they are reprints of articles already published elsewhere on paper. In this case the PDF file format will closely follow the original paper version.

Style sheet

We shall be thankful to contributors who will uniform their texts to the following rules.

 Send your file as .doc or .rtf

 Use Times new Roman 12 for standard text and 10 for long quotations (short quotations can be in italic)

 All notes (which are supposed to be as brief as possible) should be at the bottom of the page.

 Use the author year system for quotation within the text, e.g. (Sadrin 1998: 26)

 At the end of the text there must be a Works Cited section

 Images must be sent in JPG or Gif format as separate files

 Bibliography should be as follows (red items only when necessary):

 Surname, name, and name surname (eds.). Title of the book. First edition. City: Publisher, year.

 Surname, name, "Title of a contribution" (first edition). Title of the book in which it is contained. Ed. Name surname. City: Publisher, year (pages).

 Surname, name, "Title of the article", in Title of the review, number (year): pages.

Contributions must be mailed to A short note on the author is welcome.


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