Åbo Akademi University


aboǺbo Akademi University School of Business and Economics is situated in Turku (Åbo), Finland, and was founded in 1918. Its research and teaching now include sciences, engineering (including ICT), humanities, theology, social sciences (including a business school) and education. The administrative language is Swedish; teaching takes place in Swedish and English

Number of students 2013: 6789, of which 1036 are international (including 329 exchange students), representing 82 countries. The School of Business and Economics has 748 students.
Number of staff (2012): 1362, of which 807 in research and teaching.
Total turnover (2013): 102.95, of which 69.04 from the Ministry of Education and 33.91 from external sources (numbers in millions of Euros).
The research group belongs to the Department of Economics at the Åbo Akademi University School of Business and Economics. The Department serves students in social sciences as well.
The main areas of research at the Department of Economics are labour economics, applied econometrics, ecological economics, industrial economics and public economics, as reflected in international publications and conference presentations. The participants in the proposed network activities would mainly represent the research group in industrial and public economics. Members of this network have experiences of participating in conferences and workshops organised by among others CIRIEC, EARIE and EUNIP.

The Department organises research seminars of its own and participates in joint research seminars with the University of Turku organised by Aboa Centre for Economics. The research group in industrial and public economics organises informal workshops.

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