Università degli Studi di Milano


Università degli Studi di Milano is a public teaching and research university, founded in 1924. With 31 departments, 8 faculties, 2 schools, a teaching staff of about 2,200 professors and assistant professors, it is distinguished by its wide variety of disciplinary fields. It is the largest university in the Lombardy region (60,000 enrolled students) and is characterized by the marked multidisciplinary nature of its teaching and research programs, developed in 4 main academic areas: the economic, legal, political, and social area; the healthcare area; the area of science and scientific technology; and the area of the humanities.

The University of Milan is the top Italian University in most international rankings (e.g. Leiden – CWTS, Taiwan Ranking – NTU). It is the only Italian University among 22 prestigious institutions that belong to the League of European Research Universities. The Faculty of Political Economic and Sciences offers an innovative combination of study programmes thanks to a concentration of high-qualified social scientists and to the continuous research activities of its 7 departments.

Among these, the Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods of the University of Milan (DEMM), comprises around 150 members among faculty members, technical and administrative staff, doctoral students, post-docs, teaching and research assistants. DEMM is one of the top-rated Italian departments of economics and related studies according to a number of international rankings. According to REPEC, DEMM is ranked 8th among the top 25% institutions in economics in Italy, and in the 12.5% top institutions in Europe. The main areas of expertise are in economics (agricultural and environmental economics, industrial economics, experimental economics, international economics, labour economics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, public economics), management, mathematics for economics and finance, psychology and cognitive sciences, statistics.

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