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logo_grenwiThe University of Greenwich is a charity and company limited by guarantee, established in 1992 as an educational and training institution in the late nineteenth century. Based in South-East London, it has 25,000 students and an extensive research and enterprise programme.

The Public Services International Research Unit (PSIRU) is based in the Business Faculty of the University of Greenwich. The principal focus of PSIRU’s work ( is on water, energy, waste management and health and social care, but it also addresses the general questions of the role and structure of public services, both in the EU and in developing countries; the role of multinational companies in globalisation; and the role of the international financial institutions, especially the World Bank. The work of the PSIRU involves a number of issues, including: social dialogue, corruption, public enterprise, multinationals’ labour relations policies, public-private partnerships, political and economic effects of long-term private financing or private finance initiative, pension funds and corporate governance. PSIRU is commissioned regularly by Public Services International and the European Federation of Public Service Unions as well as other national public sector trade unions throughout the world. PSIRU is a member of CIRIEC. There are six senior researchers: Jane Lethbridge (Director), Prof. David Hall, Emanuele Lobina, Dr. Jeff Powell, Prof. Steve Thomas, Dr. Yuliya Yurchenko.

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