Industrial organisation

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Industrial organisation (5 credits)

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The module includes 22h lectures (prof. Johan Willner), 10h classes (Dr. Sonja Grönblom) and 6h seminars (including the February seminar organised by EUsers) during the period 8.1-6.3.2015. Students shall write an exam paper, solve 10-12 exercises and present a short essay at a seminar. The exam paper is based on the lectures, classes and chapters 19-23 in Belleflamme, Paul and Martin Peitz, Industrial Organization. Markets and Strategies, Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press, 2010. which is also complementary reading for parts 1-3 of the lecture series.
The module is targeted at students at the Master’s level. They should have finished the modules ‘Mathematics for economists’, and preferably also ‘Microeconomic theory’ for the Master’s level. The courses are taught in Swedish in the academic year 2014-15, but it will be taught in English in subsequent years (if it remains on the curriculum in its present form).

1. Different types of markets. Quantity and price competition and product differentiation.
2. Endogenous market imperfections. Endogenous real and perceived differentiation, passive consumers and other sources of market power.
3. Information, R&D and network industries. Information costs, price dispersion , advertising and signalling, and network externalities.
4. Competition policy. Mergers, cartels and welfare costs.
5. Private and public firms and organisations. Privatisation, nationalisation, liberalisation, and work motivation and efficiency in different types of organisations.

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