Seminar series

The EUsers network will organise 45 Seminars over a period of three years (2014-2016). The seminars will be centered around the issues of providing a EU perspective on the consumers’ welfare implications of different modes of provision of SGI. Each seminar will be a venue for presenting ongoing research on the EUsers Network’s themes.

Seminars will cover broad topics on major public enterprises. Some examples include:

  • Impact of private/public ownership of SGI provider
  • Financing of public services
  • Innovation in public services
  • Sector specificities: energy, telecommunication, railway, etc.
  • Gender diversity in connection with leadership Issues
  • Re-Municipalization / Re-Nationalization
  • Sustainability of public services
  • Remuneration Systems / Incentives / Variable Compensation in Public Enterprises
  • Accounting and accountability of state-owned enterprises and agencies
  • to be completed

The seminars will be open to teachers and researchers, students, public administrators and representatives from the civil society. Selected papers presented at the seminars will be included in an e-book to be published in 2017.

For more information on seminars programme, visit section seminars programme in homepage.

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