The School will be held at Palazzo Greppi, University of Milan, located in the heart of Milan.

One of the most representative achievements of the early Neoclassicism, Palazzo Greppi was designed by Giuseppe Piermarini (the architect of Palazzo Reale and Teatro alla Scala) for Antonio Greppi in 1772, when Maria Teresa of Austria ruled the city. The palace is characterized by a distribution of architectural elements which follow a typical modular pattern, heightened in the central part in order to enhance the entrance with arched portal. A rectangular courtyard with porticos, in fact, leads the way to a two-flight staircase heading to the first floor where the original decorations by Giocondo Albertolli and Neoclassical frescoes by Martin Knoller can still be seen in two particularly beautiful rooms: the Sala Napoleonica (Napoleonic Hall), with a capacity of 88, and the adjacent room, which seats 40.

Palazzo Greppi is one of the several facilities used by the University of Milan for events and congresses.

For a detailed description of how to get to Palazzo Greppi please check Useful information.

Palazzo Greppi
Via Sant’Antonio 12
20100 – Milano 

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