The EUsers workshops provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of the knowledge developed within the EUsers Network on the impact and implications of SGI and citizens, in terms of welfare, perceived quality, social affordability and environmental sustainability. The format of the workshop is an in-depth discussion of a set of invited papers.

EUsers network has organised the following workshops:

  • 3rd Workshop: XVI edition of the Milan European Economy Workshop  ‘Innovation and Service of general interest, from the lab to enterprises and citizens’, University of Milan, June 22-24th, 2017. More information are available here.
  • 4th Workshop: Economics and Management of public enterprises in Public Services: Lessons learned from national experience, Université de Rouen – 8 June, 2017. More information are available here.
  • 5th Workshop: The role of CBA in government decision-making: international perspectives, University of Milan, 20th September, 2017. More information are available here.  

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