Master level Course on ‘European regulatory economics’

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Amongst the teaching activities carried out by the EUsers network, it is worth noting the master level course European Regulatory Economics launched by Università degli Studi di Milano (IT) in January 2015. The course has gone ahead during the second and third years of the project. Prof. Massimo Florio was in charge of holding this course from January to March 2015/2016/2017. During the fist year, some lectures were held also by Prof.ssa Chiara Del Bo.

The course focused on service of general interest and, in particular, on network industries and on the interplay between provision and regulation. The aim of the course was to discuss the reform paradigm including privatization, vertical disintegration, price regulation and liberalization. The course was structured in three modules, namely: 1) economics of regulation, 2) the policies and 3) country case studies. During the third module, students carried out a country analysis of reforms in the three sectors: Gas, Electricity and Telecommunications. Country reports prepared by students included: i) a brief discussion of the national context, highlighting the features relevant for subsequent analysis in the period and the relevant sector; ii) presentation of the characteristics of the sector in the country, examining the supply and demand for the service, also from the technological point; iii) changes in consumer prices over time, for different types of user; iv) development of sector reforms; v) comparative analysis of price trends, reforms and other factors that may have an impact on prices, with any hints to consumer satisfaction; vi) conclusions.

The most interesting country reports have been published on this website (see section Students club).

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