Università degli Studi di Milano

Selected Publications

  • Impact of needle-like crystals on wet and solid-lipid extrusion processes

G. Di Pretoro, L. Zema, A. Gazzaniga, P. Kleinebudde – Powder Technology (2014) Article in Press

  •  Inyection-Molded Capsular Device for Oral Pulsatile Release: Development of a Novel Mold.

L. Zema, G. Loreti, E. Macchi, A. Foppoli, A. Maroni, A. Gazzaniga – J Pharm Sci 102, 489, (2013)

  • Gastroresistant capsular device prepared by injection molding.

L. Zema, G. Loreti, A. Melocchi, A. Maroni, L. Palugan, A. Gazzaniga – Int. J. Pharm. 440, 264 (2013)

  •   Polymeric coatings for a multiple-unit pulsatile delivery system: Preliminary study on free and applied films.

A. Maroni, M.D. Del Curto, M. Cerea, L. Zema, A. Foppoli, A. Gazzaniga – Int. J. Pharm. 440, 256 (2013)

  • Bioequivalenza, intercambiabilitĂ  e sostituibilitĂ .

A. Gazzaniga, A. Maroni – Giornale Italiano di Farmacoeconomia e Farmacoutilizzazione 1 (5): 21 (2013)

  • Drug Delivery: Pulsatile release Systems

A. Maroni, A. Foppoli, L. Palugan, A. Gazzaniga – In Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Fourth Edition, Vol. II. James Swarbrick, Editor. CRC Press, Taylor & Franceis Group: New York. pp 1173-1182 (2013)

  • Injection Molding and its application to drug delivery.

L. Zema, G. Loreti, A. Melocchi, A. Maroni, A. Gazzaniga – J. Control. Release 159, 324 (2012)

  • Oral Colon Delivery of Insulin with the Aid of Functional Adjuvants.

A. Maroni, L. Zema,  M.D. Del Curto, A. Foppoli, A. Gazzaniga – Adv. Drug. Deliv. 64, 540 (2012)

  • Optimisation and scale up of a highly-loaded 5-ASA multiparticulate dosage form using a factorial approach

G. Di Pretoro, L. Zema, L. Palugan, D.I. Wilson, S.L. Rough, A. Gazzaniga – Eur. J. Pharm. Sci., 45(1-2), 158-168 (2012)

  • Oral delivery system for two-pulse colonic release of protein drugs and protease inhibitor/absorption enhancer compounds.

M.D. Del Curto., A.Maroni, L. Palugan., L. Zema, A. Gazzaniga, M.E. Sangalli – J. Pharm. Sci. 100, 3251 (2011)

  • A Novel Injection-Molded Capsular Device for Oral Pulsatile Delivery Based on Swellable/Erodible Polymers.

A. Gazzaniga, M. Cerea, A. Cozzi, A. Foppoli, A. Maroni, L. Zema – AAPS PharmSciTech 12, 295 (2011)

  • Extrusion-spheronisation of highly-loaded 5-ASA multiparticulate dosage form.

G. Di Pretoro, L. Zema, A. Gazzaniga, S.L. Rough, D.I. Wilson – Int. J. Pharm. 402, 153 (2010)

  • Active packaging for topical cosmetic/drug products: A hot-melt extruded preservative delivery device.

L. Zema, M.E. Sangalli, A. Maroni, A. Foppoli, A. Bettero, A. Gazzaniga – Eur. J. Pharm. Biopharm. 75, 291 (2010)

  • Preparation and evaluation of an oral delivery system for time-dependent colon release of insulin and selected protease inhibitor and absorption enhancer compounds.

M.D. Del Curto, A. Maroni, A. Foppoli, L. Zema, A. Gazzaniga, M.E. Sangalli – J. Pharm. Sci. 98(12), 4661 (2009)

  • The use of β-cyclodextrin in the manufacturing of disintegrating pellets with improved dissolution performances.

L. Zema, L. Palugan, A. Maroni, A. Foppoli, M.E. Sangalli, A. Gazzaniga – AAPS PharmSciTech9(2), 708 (2008)

  • Different HPMC Viscosity Grades as Coating Agents for an Oral Time and/or Site-Controlled Delivery System: an Investigation into the Mechanisms Governing Drug Release

L. Zema, A. Maroni, A. Foppoli, L. Palugan, M.E. Sangalli, A. Gazzaniga – J. Pharm. Sci. 96(6), 1527 (2007)

  • Time-controlled oral delivery systems for colon targeting.

A. Gazzaniga, A. Maroni, M.E. Sangalli, L. Zema – Exp. Opin. Drug Deliv. 3, 583 (2006)

  • Polymorphism of NCX4016, an NO-Releasing Derivative of Acetylsalicylic Acid.

A. Foppoli, M.E. Sangalli, A. Maroni, A. Gazzaniga, M.R. Caira, F. Giordano – J. Pharm. Sci. 93(3), 521 (2004)

  • Different HPMC viscosity grades as coating agents for an oral time and/or site controlled delivery system: a study on process parameters and in vitro performances.

M.E. Sangalli, A. Maroni, A. Foppoli, L. Zema, F. Giordano, A. Gazzaniga – Eur. J. Pharm. Sci. 22, 469 (2004)

  • The application of ultrasonics in the assessment of the in vitro dissolution rate of powders.

L. Zema, M.E. Sangalli, A. Maroni, A. Foppoli, F. Giordano, A. Gazzaniga – S.T.P. Pharma Sci., 12(3), 163 (2002)

  • In vitro and in vivo evaluation of an oral system for time and/or site-specific drug delivery.

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  • Influence of betacyclodextrin on the release of poorly soluble drugs from inert and hydrophilic heterogeneous polymeric matrices.

M.E. Sangalli, L Zema, A Maroni, A Foppoli, F Giordano, A Gazzaniga – Biomaterials, 22(19), 2647 (2001)

  • Distribution of Kellin in excised human skin following iontophoresis and passive dermal transport.

B. Marconi, F. Mancini, P. Colombo, F. Allegra, F. Giordano, A. Gazzaniga, G. Orecchia, P. Santi – J. Contr. Rel., 60, 261 (1999)

  • Physical Properties of Parabens and Their Mixtures: Solubility in Water, Thermal Behavior, and Crystal Structures.

F. Giordano, R. Bettini, C. Donini, A. Gazzaniga, M.R. Caira, G.G.Z. Zhang and D.J.W. Grant – J. Pharm. Sci., 88(11), 1210 (1999)

  • Structural Characterization of Two Polymorphic Forms of Piroxicam Pivalate.

M.R. Caira, M. Zanol, T. Peveri, A. Gazzaniga, F. Giordano – J. Pharm. Sci., 87(12), 1608 (1998)

  • The use of Beta-cyclodextrin as a pelletization agent in the extrusion/spheronization process.

A. Gazzaniga, M.E. Sangalli, G. Bruni, L. Zema, C. Vecchio, F. Giordano – Drug Dev. Ind. Pharm., 24(9), 869 (1998)

  • Time-dependent oral delivery Systems for Colon-Targeting.

A. Gazzaniga, C. Busetti, L. Moro, M.E. Sangalli, F. Giordano – S.T.P. Pharma, 5(1), 83 (1995)

  • Inert monolithic device with a central hole for constant drug release.

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  • Oral delayed-release system for colonic specific delivery.

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  • Oral Chronotopic® Drug Delivery Systems: Achievement of Time and/or Site Specificity.

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  • Oral Colon-Specific Drug Delivery: Design Strategies.

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  • On the release mechanism from coated swellable minimatrices.

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  • High-viscosity HPMC as a film coating agent.

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  • Erodible perforated coated matrix for extended release of drugs.

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  • Influence of extrusion-spheronisation processing on the physical properties of d-Indobufen pellets containing pH adjusters.

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  • The influence of water content on the binding capacity of beta-cyclodextrin.

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  • d-Indobufen extended-release pellets prepared by coating with aqueous polymer dispersions.

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  • Drug release modulation by physical restrictions of matrix swelling.

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  • Cyclodextrins as “active” excipients in tabletting technology.

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  • Energetics of tablet disintegration.

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  • Drug/Polymer Matrix Swelling and Dissolution.

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  • Swelling-Activated Drug Delivery Systems.

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  • A Multiple Unit Modified Release System.

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  • In Vitro Programmable Zero-Order Release Drug Delivery System.

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  • Compressed polymeric mini-matrices for drug release control.

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