L'attivitÓ di ricerca del gruppo si sviluppa in collaborazione con colleghi del Dipartimento, di altri Dipartimenti e di altri Atenei italiani e stranieri ed Enti pubblici e privati. La attivitÓ di ricerca pu˛ essere illustrata tramite alcune delle pubblicazioni pi¨ recenti, raggruppate rispetto alle finalitÓ principali della ricerca:

Sintesi di nanomateriali con caratteristiche controllate

Nanoparticelle di biossido di titanio (TiO2) tramite metodiche innovative

Patterning of polymer brushes made easy using titanum dioxide: direct and remote photocatalytic lithography.
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Salvaguardia dell'ambiente

Processi di bonifica dell'aria

Impregnation versus Bulk Synthesis: How the Synthetic Route Affects the Photocatalytic Efficiency of Nb/Ta:N Codoped TiO2 Nanomaterials.

J. Phys. Chem C, 119, (2015) 24104.

Photocatalytic remediation of indoor pollution by transparent TiO2 films.
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Processi di bonifica delle acque

The role played by different TiO2 features on the photocatalytic degradation of paracetamol.
Applied Surface Sci, 2017 in press.

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Green and low cost tetracycline degradation processes by nanometric and immobilized TiO2 systems.
Catalysis Today, 281 (2016)  38-44


Modulazione delle caratteristiche di bagnabilitÓ di solidi

A close look at the structure of the TiO2-APTES interface in Hybrid nanometrials and its degratation pathway: An experimental and theoretical study.
J. Phys. Chem C,
121 (2017) 430

Engineered organic/inorganic hybrids for superhydrophobic coating by wet and vapor procedures.
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Sensori e indagini  "ab initio" applicate a semiconduttori nanometrici

Eletrochemical characterization of insulating silica-modified electrodes: transport properties and physicochemical features.
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Photorenewable electroanalytical sensor for neurotransmitters detection in body fluid mimics.
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Conversione e accumulo dell'energia

Materiali compositi nanostrutturati a base di ossido di stagno (SnO2) drogato per la conversione ed accumulo dell'energia

Ad hoc tailored electrocatalytic MnO2 nanorods for the oxygen reduction in aqueous and organic media
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry,
(2017), in press.

IrO2-based disperse-phase electrocatalysts: a complementary study by means of the cavity-microelectrode and the ex-situ X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, (2012), dx.doi.org/10.1021/jp212310v, in press.


Chimica delle formulazioni

TiO2 nanoparticles. Traditional and novel synthetic methods for photocatalytic paint formulations.
In: Nanoparticles: Properties, Classification Characterization and Fabrication.   Editor: A. E. Kestell, G. T. De Lorey, Nova Science Publishers Inc. (New York). Published: July 2010, pp. 213-254.