As its third mission, PackLAB performs applied research activities for third parties.
Companies interested in performing material analysis, development of packaging materials, shelf life evaluation, risk assessment and study of production processes can contact us.

Topics available for Applied Research Projects with Companies

Here below comes a list of potential topics that can prompt new industrial partnerships. Please contact us if you are interested!

  • gas barrier materials
  • water vapor barriers
  • superhydrophilic/superhydrophobic surfaces
  • active materials (e.g., antimicrobial, antioxidant materials, oxygen scavengers)
  • biodegradable nanocomposite PLA based
  • Cellulose nanocrystal production (CNC) from raw and waste materials
  • UV-screen layers
  • polymers from renewable resources
  • electrochemical sensors
  • surface activation of polymers

Laboratory of Materials and Polymers (LaMPo)

For research and industrial innovation project PackLAB is also connected with an interdisciplinary research centre of UNIMI named LaMPo (Laboratory of Materials and Polymers).

LaMPo is an interdisciplinary Research Center created by the Department of Chemistry of Università degli Studi di Milano together with the Department of Food Science (DeFENS), the Department of Pharmaceutics and the Earth Sciences Department. LaMPo is coordinated by Prof. Giuseppe Di Silvestro and a team of 7 Full Professors of Università degli Studi di Milano.

LaMPo is a Center involving the study of polymeric materials over a wide range of topics and applications, being devoted to:

  • Services for companies and third parties: consultancy, laboratory tests, polymerization trials, development of new products, small-scale extrusion and injection moulding
  • Research: study of new polymers and synthetic routes, development of new additives
  • Formation: master degree students research, bachelor students, Ph.D. students and technical formation for personnel of companies

LaMPo researchers can develop new polymers, modify industrial polymers for tailor-made applications, scaling-up from lab scale to pilot together with companies interested in the developments. Also, the developments could involve the use of either pure polymers or composites containing minerals and nanoparticles and/or organic-inorganic hybrids. LaMPo is also aimed at working in partnership with other research Centers and companies to develop research projects in view of Horizon 2020 and other grants. A strong focus is given to food packaging polymers, in metal protection and in the polymers for the pharmaceutical field.

Gruppo Scientifico Italiano Confezionamento Alimentare (GSICA)

For scientific discussion and dissemination of food packaging scientific culture, PackLAB is also connected to the association GSICA (Gruppo Scientifico Italiano Confezionamento Alimentare).  See more…