A wide array of instruments is available at PackLAB, both for research purposes and for services to companies. The available equipment comprises:

  • GC-MS (PerkinElmer) fitted with SPME accessory
  • GC (Clarus 600)-HS 40
  • GC-FID (Perichrom)
  • GC-TCD (Hewlett Packard 5890)
  • HPLC-LC Module I plus (Waters)
  • Permeabilimeters for O2, CO2, water vapor (Extrasolution). Used to assess the barrier properties of both flexible films and tridimensional rigid bodies.
  • Dynamometer for large deformation analyses fitted with both 100 N and 5 kN load cells. Used for mechanical characterization of packaging materials
  • UV-Vis spectrophotometer Lambda 650 (PerkinElmer) fitted with a 150 mm Integrative Sphere. Used for optical characterization of packaging materials
  • UV-Vis spectrophotometer Lambda 25 (PerkinElmer) fitted with a 6 position temperature-controlled Peltier system. Used for liquid samples analyses
  • FT-IR Spectrum 100 (PerkinElmer) fitted with ATR (Ge/Ge) accessory. Used for packaging materials investigation as well as for thin coatings development
  • Thermo Scientific Haake Viscotester VT7 Plus Rotational Viscometer (Type: 7R) with a complete set of spindles (cylinder/spinning discs) and sample adapters for measuring small sample volumes (8 to 13 ml) for temperatures from -10 °C to 100 °C.
  •  OCA 15 Plus dynamic contact angle and surface energy (DataPhysics Instruments GmbH). Used for surface characterization of packaging materials and coatings
  •  Ultrasonic processor (Hielscher Ultrasonics GmbH). Used for nanoclays exfoliation
  • Thermal heat-sealer Polikrimper TX/08 (Alipack srl) fitted with both smooth and rough plates, with adjustable temperature, pressure and dwell time of the sealing plates
  • Automatic film applicator (Sheen Instruments) equipped with a set of horizontal rods to obtain different coating thickness
  • Packaging machines (Tecnovac srl) for vacuum and MAP applications, coupled to a gas mixer (MAP Mix 9000 PBI Dansensor)
  • MAP Check Combi 9800-1 (PBI Dansensor)
  • Oxidation Test Reactor (OXITEST, Velp srl)
  • Additional devices are: pH-meters, conductometer, analytical balances, temperature-controlled ultrasonic baths, recirculating baths, magnetic stirrers/hot plates, overhead stirrers, climatic chambers, water activity analyzer, and home-made prototypes such as a motorized flame treatment apparatus

How to obtain PackLAB services

If you want to benefit from the PackLAB facilities and services you can contact us for a quotation of the service. Services are subject to a standard pricelist set up by the DeFENS Department of University of Milan.