Riccardo Rampazzo

Company fellowship


Ricky RampaRiccardo Rampazzo graduated in Food Science and Technology in 2013 at the University of Milan discussing a thesis on Multifunctional coating nanocrystals cellulose based (CNCs) for food packaging applications. In 2014 he was involved within an industrial partnership between PackLAB and ITP S.p.a., working on a project on selective barriers and oxygen scavengers. Since January 2015 he started to work for IMPER S.p.a. on a project aimed at developing new packaging solutions for coffee powder and beverage powders. Most part of this project is being carried out at PackLAB, where he still keeps going his early topic on the physicochemical properties of nano-sized building blocks of natural origin, with special reference to cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs). In particular, his research focuses on scanning the potential applications of CNCs as coatings for the food packaging sector to improve the gas barrier performance of the commercial flexible plastic materials.

Research topics: biopolymer materials, active packaging, new solutions for food packaging applications



Cesare Rovera

Project fellowship


ImmagineCesare Rovera has hired his MSc degree in Plant, Food and Agri-Environmental Biotechnology with a thesis entitled: “Cellulose nanocrystals from Gluconoacetobacter spp. and Komagataeibacter sucrofermentans in static and dynamic coltures”, under the supervision of Dr. Farris and Dr. Romano. After his degree he has received a fellowship within the project “NANOSAK – Nanocellulose-sakacin A conjugates for food packaging purposes”, funded by the CARIPLO foundation (grant #2015-0464). He will spend 15 months at PackLAB (January 2017 – April 2018), where he will work under the supervision of Dr. Farris and in collaboration with colleagues of the Deparment of Food, Environmental and Nutritional Sciences (DeFENS). Cesare’s subject matter focuses on the obtainment of bacterial cellulose nanocrystals (BCNCs) by non conventional routes and on the  conjugation of the enzyme sakacin A to obtain active packaging materials.

Research topics: bacterial cellulose, nanotechnology, food packaging