Masoud Ghaani


Masoud Ghaani received his BSc degree in Food Science and Technology at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences of Tehran (Iran) in 2012. He then moved to the Islamic, Azad Univeristy of Yazd (Iran) where he got his MSc in 2014 working on the project titled: ‘Gallic acid determination in food samples using a novel electrochemical nano sensor’. In 2015 he successfully applied for a position as PhD student at the Department of Food, Environmental and Nutritional Sciences of the University of Milan within the course in Food Systems. His project deals with the development of nanostructured electrochemical sensors for food packaging applications and is undertaken under the supervision of Dr. Stefano Farris.

Research topics: Electrochemical sensors for food packaging applications






Ghislain Fotie


Ghislain Fotie, after obtaining the BSc in Mechanical Engineering at ISTDI( Cameroon)in 2009, then he moved in 2010 to Italy where he decided to change his study program. He embraced the Faculty of Agriculture in the University of Milan and subsequently obtained his BSc and Master degree in Food Science and Technology respectively between 2013 and 2016. The cutting-edge work done in MSc thesis, having Prof. Luciano Piergiovanni as main tutor, had the objective of “shelf life extension of oxygen-sensitive food products using bio-based coating of cellulose nanocrystals on conventional plastic films”, and fostered him to apply for the PhD position.
Since October 2016, he is a PhD student in the University of Milan focusing his framework on the effective use and application of natural biopolymers such as cellulose nanocrystals in the sector of Food Packaging. He is conducting his research in the PackLab under supervision of the Prof. Luciano Piergiovanni.

Research topics: Cellulose nanocrystals application in Food Packaging