Research at PackLAB

Beside mechanical protection, the main role of packaging is to control transfers of gases (mainly oxygen and carbon dioxide) and vapours (moisture, aroma compounds etc.) involved in food degradation (physico-chemical and microbiological) as well as the migration of potential toxic packaging constituents.

How a food packaging lab can facilitate the development of efficient innovative materials in a sustainable, safe and competitive context?

Research activities of packLAB aim at understanding the relationships between packaging structure and mass transfer properties of materials (gas, vapours, active substances in diffusion, sorption and interphace phenomana), and between mass transfer properties and food shelf life (food quality, food security, transfer/reaction phenomena).

These activities permit to:

  • Elaborate innovative and advanced composite materials from renewable resources and biodegradable, micro and nanostructurated for shelf life extension.
  • Elaborate new solutions avoiding or reducing migration of potential toxic packaging constituents