2015 will certainly be a very unique year for Milan, hosting city of EXPO 2015, and for Italy as a whole. EXPO 2015 will also be one of the largest event on food and nutrition. During the 6 months of exposition Milan will become a world class showcase to which different Countries will contribute with innovative ideas and solutions in reply to the event main topic: feed the planet, energy for life.

GSICA intends to actively participate to the Universal Exposition offering its own contribute. That is the reason why GSICA has decided to group in one single event all the meetings and scientific happenings it usually organizes during the years:

  • a special SLIM edition (Shelf Life International Meeting, the bi-annual meeting focus on shelf life main issues), named SLIM for YOUNG
  • the second edition of AGORÀ, a national forum dedicated to the food packages
  • a dissemination event of PRIN project “Long Life, High Sustainability” focused on the shelf life extension as a potential sustainability indicator; the project, endorsed by the Ministry of Education, involves a large number of researchers from different Italian universities

The Specialty of this edition of SLIM lies in two reasons:

  • SLIM 2015 will be held in Milan during the Expo Milano 2015, a non-commercial Universal Exposition around the theme of Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. Open from May 1 to October 31, 2015, the EXPO, a giant exhibition site, covering one million square meters, is expected to welcome over 20 million visitors. SLIM 2015 received the patronage of EXPO 2015, having been considered a high-scientific value event whose topics completely fit the aim of the Universal Exposition. Feeding the Planet is possible only if foods can be preserved and not wasted. SLIM aims to highlight the potential of Shelf Life Extension (SLE) in contributing to solve the problems of Food Security, Food Loss & Waste
  • SLIM 2015 will pay particular attention to young scientists, whose enthusiasm and Energy for Life are the main driving forces for a High-Quality Research and Development. For this reason, GSICA decided to title this special edition of SLIM, as SLIM for YOUNG 2015. Young scientists (below 40) will be strongly invited to contribute and to attend the meeting and will be involved as Chairmen/women of the sessions and main lectures

The main essence of SLIM, being the forum for discussion of current developments and future directions for research on SLE, will provide the building block of the event. The conference structure, the multidisciplinary approach, the diversity of the attendees and the careful selection of the contributes from both industries and academic institutions are expected to contribute significantly to identify problems and to promote scientific discussions and further collaborative research cooperation.

Download the Full Brochure of the Event (as from below preview)