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We constructed at ALP a shielded room....
...that hosts a 755 2G-Enterprises cryogenic magnetometer
755 2G-Enterprises cryogenic magnetometer
AGICO JR-6 spinner magnetometer, AGICO KLY-2 
AGICO JR-5 spinner magnetometer
AGICO KLY-3 kappabridge
In addition:
ASC TD48 thermal demganetizer
Schonstedt  thermal demagnetizer
2G AF demagnetizer (max. fiel 250 mT)
Molspin AF demagnetizer (max field 100 mt) + IRM attachment
Bartington susceptivimeter: 2 frequencies sensor, k vs T equipment
Bussi pulse magnet (max field 1.5 T)
AGICO PUM-1 pulse magnet (max field 20 mT)
ASC Pulse magnetizer - 4 coils (up to 5T field)