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Corso Sedimentary Organic Matter: characterization and applications
Docente Prof. M. Stephenson, BGS, UK
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Finalità The course will examine the character of sedimentary organic matter (SOM) and palynology and its various uses in palaeoenvironment, palaeoclimatology and fossil fuel research (including source rock, coal bed methane and shale gas evolution). Several case studies will show how sedimentary organic matter can be used to understand key Phanerozoic events, such as the Hirnantian glaciation, the Carboniferous-Permian glaciation, the end-Permian extinction, the K-T extinction and the Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM). Case studies will also show how the analysis of palynology and sedimentary organic allow understanding of source rock generation for conventional hydrocarbons as well as aspects of the primary controls on unconventional shale gas and coal bed methane prospectivity.
Struttura e durata Introductory
Preservation of palynomorphs and sedimentary organic matter (SOM)
Black shales and anoxia
1. Effects of burial and sequestration of SOM
2. Chemistry and isotopes in SOM
Types of sedimentary organic matter (origin, structure and chemistry)
Allochthonous terrestrial plant material
1. Autochthonous plant material identifiable algal remains
2. Amorphous organic matter

Palaeoenvironments and palaeoclimatology
Trends in sedimentary organic matter and palynomorphs through the Phanerozoic
1. The evolution of plants and how this affected SOM
2. Trends in phytoplankton
3. Trends in amorphous organic matter
Case studies of events showing the use of palynology and SOM
1. Hirnantian glaciation
2. the Carboniferous-Permian glaciation
3. the end Permian extinction and the fungal spike
4. the K-T extinction and the fern spike
5. the Palaeocene-Eocene thermal maximum (PETM)
Palynology, SOM and hydrocarbons
Source rock formation
1. Source rocks of the world
2. Geological controls on source rocks
Hydrocarbon generation
1. The influence of SOM on hydrocarbon generation
2. Methods of analysis (kerogen typing)
3. Maturity
Unconventional hydrocarbons
1. Primary controls on shale gas prospectivity
2. Primary controls on coal bed methane prospectivity
19/9/12 ore 14.30-17.30
20/9/12 ore 9.30-12.30 14.30-17.30
21/9/12 ore 9.30-12.30 14.30-17.30