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Corso Mineral physics at nonambient conditions
Docente Ronald Miletich
CFU e ore 5
Finalità 2 blocks with each 4 units, a Basic Block (B) and Advanced Block (A)

Struttura e durata day Tue Wed Thu Fri
morning B1 B2/B3 B4 A4
afternoon A1 A2 A3 ---

B1 "Structure-Property Relationship"
B2 "Tensor Properties of Crystals I"
B3 "Tensor Properties of Crystals II"
B4 "Mineral Structures at Nonambient Conditions"

A1 "Measurement of Lattice Properties"
A2 "Advanced Diamond-Anvil Cell Techniques I"
A3 "Advanced Diamond-Anvil Cell Techniques II"
A4 "Elastic Properties and Phase Transitions at High Pressures"