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Corso Cenozoic carbon cycle, proxyrecords of climate change and CO2:assumptions and implications
Docente Mark Pagani
CFU e ore 3
Struttura e durata Aula Parona, Via Mangiagalli 34, 9.30-12.30 e 14.00-16.30

Wednesday, October 1st:
Morning (9.30 12.30) - Afternoon (14.00 16.00)
- Modern climate dynamics
- Carbon equilibria chemistry

Thursday, October 2nd:
Morning (9.30 12.30) - Afternoon (14.00 16.00)
- Stable isotope chemistry
- Techniques in paleo-temperature, ice volume, and CO2 reconstruction

Friday, October 3rd:
Morning (9.30 12.30) - Afternoon (14.00 16.00)
- Reconstruction and evaluation of specific events.

Programma Global climate dynamics:
- the development of a planetary energy balance model
- blackbody radiation
- solar flux changes over geologic time
- stellar evolution
- Milankovitch cycles
- sunspot cycles and arguments for climate amplifiers
- albedo changes
- greenhouse gases including climate sensitivity and short term history of CO2 variation.

Carbon cycle:
- carbonate equilibria in solutions
- calculations of carbon species distributions including:
-influence of ionic solutions
-buffered solutions
-influence of carbonates
- the effect of rising CO2 concentration on pH and carbonate saturation state
-residence time of carbon dioxide: discussion on fluxes and Urey reactions etc

Stable Isotope Geochemistry: Theory and Applications
- review of isotopes
- equilibrium and kinetic effects
- chemical isotope equilibriaHarmonic oscillation model: potential energy well
- zero point energy
- notations and standards

- oxygen/hydrogen isotopes and the hydrologic cycle
- ice volume effects
- mass balance calculations
- oxygen isotopes and carbonates: paleotemperature proxy
- carbon isotopes and carbonates
- pH effect on carbonate isotopes -carbon isotope partitioning

Organic geochemistry: Basics
- Photosynthesis
- Photosystems
- Calvin cycle
- Respiration
- Biosynthesis of fatty acids and isoprenoids
- Chemical compositions of organic matter

Organic geochemistry: applications
- Biomarker: concept and applications (Alkenones, Tetraethers, Isorenieratene, etc.)
- Organic isotopes

CO2 Reconstructions
- Modeling
- Boron isotope -pH proxy
- Stomata Index
- Alkenone isotopes