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Corso From micro to macro: Microstructural and texture anlysis from diffraction data
Docente Daniel Chateigner, Luca Lutterotti
CFU e ore 5
Finalità Theoretical course with hands-on software
-Classical Rietveld analysis
-Line broadening
-Texture analysis
-Pole figure reconstruction
-Residual stress

Struttura e durata
Programma 1st day - 26th January 2009
Classical Rietveld Analysis L. Lutterotti

"- Rietveld method in brief
- Measurements and corrections
the Ph(y) parameter of the problematic texture in Rieveld
- the microstructural aspect of the profile, how the deconvolution operates
- Le Bail extraction
- NL Least squares, genetic and simulated annealing"

training on real examples

2nd Day - 27th January 2009
Phase and Line Broadening analysis L. Lutterotti

"- bulk and layered samples
- crystalline + amorphous
- isotropic-anisotropic
- line broadening due to size and microstrains
- Williamson Hall
- size and microstrain distributions"

training on real examples

3rd day - 28th January 2009
Classical Quantitative Texture Analysis D. Chateigner

"- Quantitative texture Analysis, Measurements
- corrections (defocusing, absorption, volume, fluorescence)
- Direct Pole Figures, normalisation, inverse Pole Figures, Orientation Distribution Function
- Resolution methods for the ODF"

training on real examples

4th day - 29th January 2008

Classical Residual Stress Analysis L. Lutterotti
"- Calculation of residual stress from measured strain
- characterization of macrostress
- study of second and third order stresses
- anisotropy of lattice strain response
- High pressure experiments
- Macrosocopic properties calculation"

training on real examples

5th day - 30th January

Training from 2D images L. Lutterotti + D. Chateigner
- TEM, Curved CPS, CCD images