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Corso Mantle melting: from MORBs to Arc magmas, from Archean Komatiites to present day magmatism, travelling from the Earth to Mars
Docente Timothy L. Grove
CFU e ore 5
Finalità 1) MORB generation - integrating thermal models of the ridge system into mantle melting and fractional crystallization - practicals

2) move to arcs - mantle wedge flux melting and crustal fractional crystallization - the Cascades - Medicine Lake and Mt. Shasta - practicals

3) other types of modern melting - compression melting during remobilization of lithosphere - use examples of our work in Tibet.

4) Archean magma generation processes preserved in Greenstone belts. Origin of komatites - practicals

5) Mantle melting on Mars
Struttura e durata Classes will be complemented by practicals at optical microscope and at SEM- WDS electron microprobe