Your Thesis with me

There are different projects of mine you can be involved in. Below a list, please do not hesitate to ask me!

Open data, bike sharing and city transformation. We have at our  disposal a dataset of /bike sharing/ (BikeMI only) usage in Milano. Data have been scraped by Andrea Trentini, with whom this project closely collaborates. This proposal investigates descriptively uses of bike sharing and their impact on the city. The research would be integrated also by in-depth interviews with bike users.

Journalism ecology in YouTube. This reseach deals with how some global news organizations use its YouTube channel.

Local Journalism. It is a research that investigates through in-depth interviews the journalistic work within local newsrooms.

Journalism and social media. This research includes two different steps. First analyzing the way in which news organizations use their social media accounts. Then investigating how journalists themselves use social media. The research uses both in-depth interviews and digital methods.  A subfield where this study can be applied is sport journalism

Production and distribution of fake news.  1) Investigating the work of debukers and fact-checkers and 2) then analyzing the news that have been proved to be fake.

Data Journalism. Data Journalists’ Strategies and Constraints to Open Data. In-depth interview with data journalists to investigate practices, organizations, outputs (For international students only)

Comunicazione Politica. L’obiettivo è investigare le forme del discorso politico nei luoghi istituzionali. Il lavoro consiste nel raccogliere e digitalizzare i discorsi politici avvenuti in Parlamento (solo per studenti italiani)