A welcome message

This year begins with a new three-year program, Scientific Committee and Chair.


First of all let me warmly thank Vincenza Andrisano as well as the past members of the Committees for the great work they did in managing SSPA for the last 6 years.  They did a great job! Special thanks also to Manuela Bartolini for the excellent organization of the meetings! Fortunately, Vincenza and Manuela will continue to work with us as members of the Scientific Committee.


The last editions of SSPA were mainly addressed to the applications of advanced analytical methodologies in drug discovery and development. Although we know that both these two fields represent a stimulating challenge for both academic and industrial scientists involved in analysis, we have decided for the next three years to move to other important fields where modern analytical methods find great applications. In particular, chemical drug manufacturing (2014), nutraceuticals and plant drugs (2015) and biopharmaceuticals (2016).


This choice is due on one hand, to the need to embrace as much as possible all the pharmaceutical applications of modern analytical techniques, and on the other hand, to the need to address the growing request for specialized scientists with up to date knowledge of analytical methods in the manufacture of chemical drugs, plant derived products/nutraceuticals and biopharmaceutics.


The SSPA School will start with a session dedicated to regulations and guidelines, followed by the analytical sessions given by either academic or industrial international experts. By tradition, tutorial sessions are also considered thus having greater focus on practical examples and general solutions to common problems.


I hope you find this three year program of interest and we welcome to the School, scientists and PhD students .


Giancarlo Aldini,

Chair of SSPA 2014

Department of Phamaceutical Sciences

Università degli Studi di Milano