Maurizio Benaglia

MAURIZIO BENAGLIA was born in Bergamo in 1966.
In 1991 he obtained his Laurea in chemistry, at the University of Milan, Italy, working on the stereoselective 1,3 dipolar cycloadditions of nitrones to chiral allyl ethers.
In 1994 he completed his doctoral studies on the stereoselective synthesis of β-lactams through condensation of imines to titanium, tin and β-boron enolates of pyridylthioesters, under the supervision of prof. Mauro Cinquini, at the University of Milan.
In 1995, he was the recipient of a N.A.T.O./CNR postdoctoral fellowship and joined the group of prof. Jay. S. Siegel, at the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department of UCSD, University of California, San Diego where he worked for two years on the stereocontrolled synthesis of supramolecular structures, like double helicates, racks, and grids.
In 1997 he moved back to Milan, where he worked as postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Organic and Industrial Chemistry, University of Milan, developing the stereoselective synthesis of polymer supported small organic molecules.
In 2000 he became assistant professor at Department of Organic and Industrial Chemistry, University of Milan and in 2006 associate professor at the University of Milan.
In 2001 he won the "Giacomo Ciamician"¯ Medal of the Italian Chemical Society.
He has been awarded by Elsevier as author of one 50 most cited papers in 2003-2006 years, author of one of the most 50 cited papers in 2006-9 years, and author of one of the 20 most cited papers in Organic Letters in 2006-2009 years (highlighted in Synform 2007).
In 2014 he has won the award “Innovation in research”, given by National Consortium of Italian University C.I.N.M.P.I.S.
In 2015 he was promoted to full professor at the Department of Chemistry, University of Milano, Italy.
He has been invited plenary speaker at al 9th Meeting on Stereochemistry (Praga, 2001), 5th Spanish Italian Symposium on Organic Chemistry (Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 2004), “Organocatalysis Symposium” held by Ernst Schering Foundation (Berlin, Germany, 2007), German-Italian-Austrian-French Symposium (Goslar, Germany, 2011), COST meeting (Action ORCA, Organocatalysis) (Palermo, Italy, 2014), International Translational Chemistry Conference (Lisbon, Portugal, 2015), ICIQ (Tarragona, Spain, 2016), GIC (Catalysis) (Bressanone, 2016), 20th European Symposium on Organic Chemistry ( ESOC-2017) (Koln, Germany, July, 2017).
He is author of more than 190 publications on international journals, including four patents, ten review articles and nine book chapters (H index 41). He has been editor of the Wiley book Recoverable and recyclable catalysts (2009), he is currently member of the editorial board of Molecules.
From 2014 to 2017 he has been the Director of International Summer School on Organic Synthesis - ISOS “A. Corbella” He is co-founder and Director of the International School of Process Chemistry - ISPROCHEM.

Teaching activity

Organic Chemistry I (base – bachelor degree)
Organic chemistry lab class (base - bachelor degree)
Catalytic methods in organic synthesis (advanced -Master degree)
Advanced organic chemistry courses (Graduate School in Chemistry of University of Milano, Italy)
Literature seminars (Graduate School in Chemistry of University of Milano, Italy)


Grant by Cariplo Foundation: "Biodegradable polymers with controlled macromolecular architecture as new polyfunctional agents for 19F MR imaging"¯ 2011-2013 budget: 410.000 euro

Grant by Cariplo Foundation: "Multifunctional hybrid materials as novel chiral recyclable catalysts for one-pot, multi-step synthesis of structurally complex molecules"¯ 2011-2014 budget: 350.000 euro

Grant by MIUR - FIRB "Futuro in Ricerca 2010 Multifunctional hybrid materials for the development of sustainable catalytic processes" 2012-2016 budget: 326.200 euro (with Alessandra Puglisi)

Unit coordinator of a Project financed by Regione Lombardia: "Semilavorati nutraceutici e tecnologici fermentati per il miglioramento nutrizionale e sensoriale di prodotti da forno tradizionali e gluten-free”. 2016 budget: 1.000.740 euro; 410.000 for University teams

Unit coordinator of a Project Young Researchers in Biomedical area financed by Cariplo Foundation: "In vivo and in vitro imaging of pro-thrombotic events in brain ischemic injury: focus on mannose-binding lectin and beta2 glycoprotein I". 2015 budget: 250.000 euro

Funding by:
Laboratori Alchemica: budget 20.000 (2015)
Wiz Chemicals: budget 20.000 (2014-2015)
Zach Systems: budget 80.000 euro (2012-2015)
ZaCh Systems: budget 40.000 euro (2011-2012)
Versalis (ENI polimeri): budget 20.000 euro (2012)
Ferrania Technologies: budget 60.000 euro (2010-2012)

Past collaboration (2003-2009) with Oxon, Sipcam and Dani Instruments.