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On behalf of the Scientific and Organizing Committees it is my pleasure to invite you to the 14th Summer School on Pharmaceutical Analysis (SSPA 2009) that will take place September 7-9, 2009 at the Aula Magna, Dipartimento di Scienze Farmaceutiche "P. Pratesi" via Mangiagalli, 25, Milano - Italy.

The SSPA is planned under the auspices of the Division of Medicinal Chemistry of the Italian Chemical Society and the EFMC (European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry) and it is mainly addressed to researchers and PhD students of the Faculties of Pharmacy and Sciences and to young scientists from pharmaceutical industries.

The 14th SSPA is part of a three-year program on the most advanced analytical methodologies involved into the launch of new drugs. In particular, following the first cycle (SCPA 2008) focused on “Advanced Analytical Methodologies in Drug Discovery”, this second year of SSPA cycle will be focused on ‘ADVANCED ANALYTICAL METHODOLOGIES IN DRUG DEVELOPMENT’.

Specifically, second year main topics will be: 1) ADME/PK as part of a rational approach to drug discovery and 2) Biomarkers in drug discovery and development.

In modern medicinal chemistry, lead optimization can be defined as the process of turning chemical lead into drug-like molecule that have passed a series of absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity (ADMET) screens, in addition to appropriate efficacy screens. New technologies and methodologies are imperative to make the DMPK screening process more effective, and a significant improvement in this direction is given by innovative analytical techniques and instrumentations, such as liquid chromatography – tandem mass spectrometry.
Therefore, the focus of the session “
ADME/PK as part of a rational approach to drug discovery” will be to present and discuss the bioanalytical ways that can be used to support the early ADME/DMPK studies for new chemical entities in a high throughput manner.

Bio-analysis plays a pivotal role in the discovery and development of biomarker and in this regard, gas- and liquid-chromatography, mass spectrometry, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy have facilitated a great achievement in this area.
The first part of the session on “
Biomarkers in drug discovery and development will summarize the concept of biomarkers; their application in drug development and in clinical platforms. This section will also focus on biotransformation studies in close relation to biomarker discovery and validation, and on major techniques utilized in this area. In the second part, practical examples will be addressed. The use of LC/MS, GC/MS, and NMR in these studies will be described, such as method development for protein and DNA oxidation products by LC-tandem MS and its application in mammalian cells and in humans. The potential and limitations of these techniques together with future perspectives will be discussed.

The course is open to a maximum of 80 students and is held in English language.

If you already participated at SCPA 2008 in Rimini, do not miss this opportunity to enlarge your knowledge on the most advanced bio-analytical methodologies in drug development by attending SSPA 2009!

Vincenza Andrisano
Chairman 14th SSPA 2009

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