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September 6, 2009

18.00-20.00            Welcome and registration for the students staying at the Halls of Residence in Via Bassini


September 7, 2009

9.00-9.30               Registration


9.30 -10.00 Opening of SSPA 2009

                              Vincenza Andrisano,  SSPA Director (University of Bologna, Italy)

                              Gerhard Ecker,  EFMC President (University of Vienna, Austria)

                              Luisa Mosti, President of Medicinal Chemistry Division - Italian Chemical Society (University of Genova, Italy)


 I session - ADME/PK as part of a rational approach to drug discovery


Chairman:              Giancarlo Aldini (University of Milan)

10.00-10.30            Bernard Testa (University Hospital Centre, Lausanne, Switzerland)

                                           “ADMET in drug discovery and development: an introduction”


10.30-11.30            Jean-Michel Scherrmann (Université Paris Descartes, Paris, France)

                                           “Impact of drug transport on absorption, distribution and elimination with a special focus on drug                  transport across the blood-brain barrier”


11.30-11.45           Coffee-break


11.45–12.45           Bernard Testa (University Hospital Centre, Lausanne, Switzerland)

                                           “The biochemistry of drug metabolism: challenges in drug discovery”


 12.45–14.30 Lunch


Chairman:              Bernard Testa (University Hospital Centre, Lausanne, Switzerland)

14.30–15.30           Han van de Waterbeemd (Saint Andre, France)

                                            “Optimization of ADME and physicochemical properties in drug discovery”


15.30–16.30           Tony Long (LHASA, Leeds, United Kingdom)

                                           “Drug metabolism: an expert system approach to simulation and early metabolite identification”


 16.30–16.45 Coffee break


16.45–18.05             Ph.D. thesis dissertations (part I) - Chairman Vincenza Andrisano (University of Bologna)


                                           16.45-17.05 Maria Carmela Benfatto (University of Milan)

                                           “Analytical approaches in the drug discovery process: development of carnosine                                            peptidomimetics as inhibitors of degenerative disorders”

                                           17.05-17.25 Carmela Cannavà (University of Messina)

                                           “Preparation and characterization of gemcitabine-loaded chitosan microparticles for                                        delivery in lung”

                                           17.25-17.45 Francesco Croci (University of Milan)

                                           “Development and assessment of GC-MS/MS analytical methods for the study of steroid                                profiles in the diagnosis of congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH)”

                                           17:45-18:05 Angela De Simone (University of Bologna)

                                            “Study of biorecognition process in drug development


September 8, 2009


 Chairman:              Han van de Waterbeemd (Saint Andre, France)

9.00–10.00             Carlo Bertucci (University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy)

                                           “Early distribution analysis of lead compounds: plasma protein binding”


10.00–11.00           Giorgio Vago (ThermoFisher Scientific, Milan, Italy)

                                           “High resolution and accurate mass for unequivocal unknown compound identification in complex                  matrices”


11.00–11.15 Coffee break


11.15-12.15            Ellenia Bordini (GSK, Verona, Italy)

                                             “Drug development process: strategies in metabolite identification”


12.15-12.30            Ana Martinez (Instituto Quimica Medica-CSIC, Madrid, Spain)

                                           “CODES, an in silico versatile tool for chemical structures”



12.30–14.00 Lunch


Chairman: Marina Carini (University of Milan)

14.00–14.45           Cecilia Allievi (Cell Therapeutics, Milan, Italy)

                                             “Application of mass spectrometry in pharmacokinetics and metabolism”


14.45–15.30           Massimo Breda (Accelera, Nerviano Medical Sciences, Nerviano, Italy)

                                              “Best practices on metabolite quantification"


15.30–16.30           Massimo Dondio (Nikem Research srl, Baranzate, Italy)

                                           “eADMET in vitro assays: advantages and caveats – part I”


16.30–16.45 Coffee break


16.45–17.30           Massimo Dondio (Nikem Research srl, Baranzate, Italy)

                                           “eADMET in vitro assays: advantages and caveats – part II”


17.30–18.30           Ph.D. thesis dissertations (part II) Chairman Vincenza Andrisano (University of Bologna)


17.30 -17.50           Laura Mercolini (University of Bologna)

                                           “Development of original analytical methods for the therapeutic drug monitoring of CNS                                drugs: antipsychotics, antidepressants and anxiolytics-hypnotics”

17.50-18.10            Alessia Panusa (University of Milan)

                                           “Identification of metabolic markers for the detection of doping substances by mass                                       spectrometry”

18.10-18.30            Luca Regazzoni (University of Milan)

                                           “Post translational oxidative modifications of albumin as potential biomarkers for the early                             diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases and as a tool to evaluate the efficacy of sequestering agents of              reactive carbonyl species”


September 9, 2009:


II session - Biomarkers in drug discovery and development


Chairman:                Koji Uchida  (Nagoya University, Japan)

9.00–10.30             Peter Horvatovich (University of Gröningen, Gröningen, The Netherlands)

                                           “Combined effort of bioinformatics and analytical chemistry to advance biomarker                                          discovery using comprehensive profiling with LC-MS”


10.30–10.45 Coffee break


10.45–11.45           Etsuo Niki (AIST, Ikeda, Japan)

                                           “Biomarkers of oxidative stress in vivo: identification, measurements, and application”


11.45–12.15           Noriko Noguchi (Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan)

                                           “Oxidation products of cholesterol and protein as biomarkers for neurodegenerative                                       diseases”   


12.15–13.45 Lunch


 Chairman:               Peter Horvatovich (University of Gröningen, Gröningen, The Netherlands)

13.45–14.45             Milena Quaglia (LGC, Teddington, United Kingdom)

                                           “Biomarkers in drug discovery and development: reliability of proteomic-based methods”


14.45–15.30           Enrico Domenici (GSK, Verona, Italy)

                                           “Blood biomarkers for psychiatry diseases by protein and RNA profiling of clinical samples


15.30 – 16.00 Closing remarks