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Congrats to Dr Matteo Rossi!

On Tuesday 7 November 2017  Matteo Rossi defended his thesis on Dynamics and characterization of quantum systems interacting with classical noise and thus obtained his PhD degree from the University of Milan. The thesis is available for download on the Unimi AIR repository.

Congratulations to Matteo for this important achievement in his research career and best of luck for his future. Well done MReds!

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Talks by Matteo Rossi and Carmen porto on Tue 17 Oct

On Tuesday 17 October, at the  Aula Ottica Quantistica (LITA buliding, 5th floor), Matteo rossi and Carmen Porto will deliver their end-of-year seminars as part of their PhD course requirements.

Here is the program:

11:30 Matteo Rossi

“Quantum reinforcement learning  with superconducting circuits: basic protocols and effects of noise”

12:00 Carmen Porto

“Detection of squeezing by on-chip glass-integrated homodyne analyzer”