Elsi-Mari and Massimo Borrelli visiting AQM

Elsi-Mari and Massimo Borrelli from University of Turku will visit us from 19 to 22 December.

Elsi-Mari is going to deliver the following seminar on Tue 20, 12 AM, Room A5/S3 (LITA, 5th floor) 

Problem of coherent control in non-Markovian open quantum systems

We critically evaluate some common assumptions in the theoretical description of control strategies for open quantum systems. We show that, for non-Markovian open systems dynamics, some commonly made assumptions lead to serious pitfalls generally causing difficulties in the effective modeling of the controlled system. We show that at present, to avoid these problems, a full microscopic description of the system and environment may often be necessary. We illustrate our findings with a paradigmatic example.