Quantum Probes featured in Quantum Science and Technology

Matteo’s paper “Probing the diamagnetic term in light-matter interaction”, published this year in Quantum Science and Technology, has been selected as one of ten articles to be featured in a highlights collection promoting the journal’s first year of publication.

The paper, written in collaboration with Tommaso Tufarelli and Gerardo Adesso from the University of Nottingham and fostered by an Erasmus placement visit of Matteo, addresses the quantum estimation of the diamagnetic term in light–matter interaction.

Upon calculating the quantum Fisher information of the diamagnetic parameter in the interacting ground state we have shown that typical measurements on the radiation field, such as homodyne detection or photon counting, permit to estimate the diamagnetic coupling constant with near-optimal efficiency in a wide range of parameters.

Should the system admit a critical point, we also find that both measurements would become asymptotically optimal in its vicinity. The metrological benchmarks derived in this paper are general and relevant to any implementation, cavity and circuit QED being two relevant examples.

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Also available on the arXiv.