Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your site called Carlo Dickens and not Charles ?

Because it is devoted to the Italian reception of the British author. Carlo Dicekns is also a sort of tribute to James Joyce's translation of his own name in Giacomo Joyce. For further information about the use of "Carlo" to translate Dickens's name I recommend Carlo (!) Pagetti's "Hard Times/Heart Times/Art Times: Carlo Dickensís Moral Fable for our Times reprinted in our essay page.

Why is your subject limited to Dickens and Italy?

It is not limited to Dickens and Italy. We would like to publish Italian criticism on Dickens in general and foreign criticism on Dickens and Italy.

Why do you use Acrobat PDF format for your essays?

Because this format allows any reader with any browser to print a text that follows exactly the original. Moreover PDF files cannot be modified by accident.

How do I read a PDF file?

With a free software distributed by Adobe. You must install Acrobat Reader on your PC and then simply click on the file name. With Acrobat reader it is possible to print, search and copy our texts, but not to modify them.