Dario Di Francesco has carried out research on cardiac activity

Milano's Universitą degli Studi has always been in the forefront when it comes to scientific research. Throughout 2007, 657 new projects were launched and a record-2,131 publications were included in the Research Institutional Archive. The latest demonstration of the athenaeum's strength was given by the award of the 'Grand Prix Scientifique' to Dario Di Francesco, professor of Physiology in the department of Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnologies.

The annual prize is bestowed by the Foundation Lefoulon-Delalande, the French foundation created eight years ago in honour of Michel Delalande, founding president of the homonym pharmaceutical group. Di Francesco and his laboratory have been recompensed for their work, which have brought to the discovery of the cellular mechanism (pacemakers' ionic channels) at the base of the pulse's generation and regulation. A discovery, that will surely have many outstanding implications also from a clinical point of view. The awarding ceremony will take place in Paris, at the 'Coupole' of the Institut de France, on June 11th.

The commitment and will of the Universitą degli Studi to promote research is proved by various initiatives, whose aim is to encourage the passion for science through didactic-experimental structures among younger people too. An example is offered by 'Cus-Mi-Bio', a centre for the diffusion of Biosciences and scientific culture in general which is open to all the upper-school students.