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Sara Limbo


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Sara LIMBO is Researcher at the Department of Food Science and Microbiology of University of Milan. She achieved a PhD degree in 2004, with a dissertation on the performance and effectiveness of oxygen scavengers in critical food applications. She participated in several Italian research projects and in the European Fair Project "Actipak "closed in 2001 and is now involved in the European Fair Project "Nafispack" on natural antimicrobials for innovative and safe packaging. Her primary interest deals with food packaging technologies and the quality of food packaged products. She is author and co-author of about 40 works among scientific publications and communications to conferences.


  • Packaging Technology. Agricultural Faculty, University of Milan
  • Fundaments of Packaging Technology. Agricultural Faculty, University of Milan

Research activity:

  • Shelf life of packaged foods;
  • Light effects on food and packaging;
  • Active packaging

Main recent publications:

  • Piergiovanni, L., Limbo, S. 2009. Shelf life of vegetable oils. Ch.17 In: Food Packaging and Shelf Life: A Practical Guide. G.Robertson (Ed.). Taylor & Francis. In press
  • Limbo, S., Sinelli, N., Torri, L., Riva, M. 2009. Freshness decay and shelf life predictive modelling of European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) applying chemical methods and electronic nose. Food Sci. and Tech. (LWT). 42: 977–984
  • Farris, S., Piergiovanni, L., Limbo, S. 2008. Effect of bamboo fibre and glusose syrup as new ingredients in the manufacture of amaretti cookies. Ital. J.Food Sci.20:75-90
  • Trinetta, V., Rollini, M., Limbo, S., Manzoni, M. 2008. Influence of temperature and sakacin A concentration on survival of Listeria innocua cultures. Annals of Microb. 58:633-640
  • Limbo, S., Torri, L., Piergiovanni, L. 2007. Light-Induced Changes in an Aqueous ?-Carotene System Stored under Halogen and Fluorescent Lamps, Affected by Two Oxygen Partial Pressures. J. Agric. Food Chem. 55: 5238-5245
  • Limbo, S., Piergiovanni, L., Limbo, S. 2007. Minimally processed potatoes. Part 2: Effects of high oxygen partial pressures in combination with ascorbic and citric acid on loss of some quality traits. Post. Biol. Techn. 43: 221-229
  • Pastorelli, S., Torri, L., Rodriguez, A., Valzacchi, S., Limbo, S., Simoneau, C. 2007. Solid-phase micro-extraction (SPME-GC) and sensors as rapid methods for monitoring lipid oxidation in nuts. Food Addit. and Contam. 24: 1219-1225
  • Limbo, S., Piergiovanni, L. 2006. Minimally processed potatoes. Part 1. Effects of high oxygen partial pressures in combination with ascorbic and citric acid on the enzymatic browning and quality decay of minimally processed potatoes. Postharv. Biology and Techn. 39: 254-264
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