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Erika Mascheroni

Post Doctoral fellowship

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Erika MASCHERONI graduated in Food Science and Technology in 2005 at the University of Milan. In 2008 she got a Ph.D. in “Innovazione tecnologica per le scienze agro-alimentari e ambientali” at University of Milan. In 2008, she spent 6 months as visiting researcher at UMR 1208 Agropolymers Engineering and Emergent Technologies, Université Montpellier II, France. She collaborated with Nathalie Gontard, Emmanuelle Gastaldi, Valérie Guillard and Pascale Chalier, working on proteins based film with nanoclays and natural antimicrobials for food packaging applications. Her research activity focuses on the field of food bio-packaging, in particular the development of Bio-Based Materials (starch-protein based matrix for rigid food packaging applications and nanocomposite PLA for flexible packaging) and of Functional Biopackaging (active biodegradable material and controlled release).

Research activity: Biomaterials, Active Packaging

Main recent publications:

  • Mascheroni, E. Pagani A. and Carcano C. Physical Properties and Potential Food Packaging Applications of Starch-Based loose-fill foams. Italian Food & Beverage Technology - March 2008.
  • Limbo S. Mascheroni E and Piergiovanni L. The combined effects of carbon dioxide and ethanol vapours on the preservation of sliced bread stored at low oxygen partial pressure. Italian Food and Beverage Technology - XLIX (2007) October
  • Carcano C. Mascheroni E. Starch-based compositions and related use and obtainment process. Application number WO2008EP50805 20080124, Priority number(s): PT20070103646 20070126; IT2007MI00457 20070307.
  • Luciano Piergiovanni, Erika Mascheroni. 2007."Impiego delle biotecnologie per la produzione di imballaggi per alimenti" In: "Biotecnologie degli alimenti", Piccin Ed.Cap. 15: